About Us

The mission of Green Alaska Solutions is to reduce the environmental impact of food service disposables. Deborah O’Leary founded Green Alaska Solutions in 2008. Frustrated by the absence of sustainable packaging in Anchorage, her general concept was to provide food service packaging made from renewable, plant-based resources and recycled materials to restaurants in Anchorage. Since then, the demand for earth-friendly food service disposables has grown exponentially and Green Alaska Solutions has become the industry leader in providing sustainable packaging in Alaska.

“Garbage has always been a preoccupation of mine. I’m constantly frustrated by how hard it is to minimize what goes into the landfill with the prevalence of plastic and Styrofoam packaging. I believe packaging made from renewable resources is the future for disposables.” – Deborah O’Leary, Founder of Green Alaska Solutions.

.Besides working with the restaurant industry, Green Alaska Solutions is involved in large-scale community festivals and race events, replacing traditional disposables with biodegradable and compostable alternatives, and consulting on ways to minimize waste associated with the event. Since inception of the company, Green Alaska Solutions has donated over $100,000 in disposable products to charitable and non-profit organizations. Deborah O'Leary has served on multiple panels, educating the public about the benefits of using sustainable packaging.